Monday, September 28, 2009

A. M. Cassandre

A. M. Cassandre is known for bringing the Art Deco movement to the United States. He was a Ukranian/ French painter, commercial poster artist, & typeface designer. His work was inspired by cubism & even some surrealism.

After he finished school, he set up his own ad agency called Alliance Graphique. He began to become more widely known when his poster designs for Dubonnet Wine Co. could be seen by occupants driving by in fast moving vehicles. In 1937, he created the now well known typeface, Peignot. Later on, he created covers for Harper's Bizzare magazine after they saw some of his pieces of work displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

After awhile, he began serving in the French army. Once the war was over, his business was long gone but he still continued working aside from that & still got plenty of well deserved recognition out of it. In 1963 he designed the infamous Yves St. Laurent logo. Five years later, after coping with a long bout of depression, he committed suicide in his homeland of France.
Sheryl Mueller

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