Friday, September 11, 2009

How Typefaces have Changed

While browsing around on the AIGA's archives, I found several designs, both contemporary & not, that caught my attention. I then ventured to the website we were given & was led to yet another page,, a Boston type foundry which produces both historical and new, modern typefaces. A few of the original fonts that they have made include Caslon, Bodoni, & Garamond.
This site drew me in mostly because I find it amazing that even though typefaces began to be designed several years ago, there are still people out there that find the need to keep recreating it in their own shops for designers & everyone else to use. I also find it interesting how years later designers can still find a place for older fonts in their work. Nowadays when things change, we as humans tend to follow the trend, leaving behind the old. It turns into a 'what if', thinking about how all of the historical fonts could have been left behind as new ones became developed therefore making those fonts just that, history. What if that had changed design as a whole? Where would we as designers be today?

There were also a few fonts on that I found that reminded me of the older, historical fonts, some including Antenna, Antique Condensed, Belizio, & Escrow, pictured on the left in order. The designs on these fonts were similar to those created when typefaces was first widely used which, again, amazes me that there are still people out there today who take the time to design typefaces that would take more time than a simple font to design such as Helvetica.

Sheryl Mueller

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