Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Typography Investigated

For the first week's assignment, I investigated AIGA's archives and came across quite a few designs that I really enjoyed. However, because AIGA protects their archives, we are not allowed to copy links or photos and post them to the site. I also looked into Lupton's site and came across a lot of typefaces and information that I really liked. On James Craig's site, I found some interesting student work of type designs that he published. This particular design interested me because it seems to have a Gothic tradition with a very modern flair.

The design on the top is neat because it is very modern, but very clean and simple. It's fun to compare the two and see how very different the typefaces are. I can really appreciate the effort that both students made with designing type and I admire their persistence at making the typefaces become as uniform as possible.

One of my favorite things I came across is the "T Openers: Lace, Swirl and Damned" archive on AIGA's site. It's done so intricately and beautifully and while it only uses one letter (T) I think the design quality is really awesome. It's very lacey and pretty but within a Gothic style typeface. It reminds me of something we may see in the Victorian Era.

There is also a card on AIGA's site called "Joy" that is really cool. It folds out and the letters j, o, and y pop up. I've always found it amazing that we can do so many things with paper and that a few simple folds could enhance a piece from good to great.

Alex Riggio

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