Monday, November 2, 2009

Eye Magazine: Meanings of Type

After reading the article The Meaning of Type on the Eye Magazine website, it was interesting to learn how much type has been through throughout the years. One thing that caught my attention the most was that the use of lowercase and uppercase letters together wasn't tampered with until the early 1920's. It was also interesting to learn how some typefaces we still widely use today came to be and how some typefaces were designed solely for the use of advertising and afterwards were used for more than that.

S. Mueller

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  1. I agree Sheryl! I enjoyed reading this article and learning how type has been used to convey so many different messages throughout time. It's so interesting to look back and realize how type related to the times it came from and how it was implemented into design. It is also interesting to see how type styles are recycled throughout time, especially evident in the Postmodern movement that we are part of today.

    Alex Riggio